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Great Concealed Carry Holsters for Fall

Fall is HERE! The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler and people can’t stop debating the greatness of pumpkin spice everything. Autumn is such a great time of year! Not only because of everything I just mentioned, but because concealed carry becomes so much easier! Do you have a great holster for fall?

Concealed carry in the summer is difficult. You can’t wear a lot of holsters because of clothing limitations. Even if you can wear your favorite holster, it might be uncomfortably hot! Fall weather and added clothing helps with this issue immensely. If you have been trying to avoid a wrap holster, concealment clothing, or an OWB holster because they’re hard to conceal in the summer, now is the time to try something new!


Some of the most popular and comfortable holsters in The Well Armed Woman store are wrap holsters! You can wear these with almost any style! Simply adding a cardigan, sweater, poncho, or flannel will make concealing these a breeze.

holster outfit flannel

Pistol Pouch                  Comfort Carry Belly Band                 Lace Belly Band

Shop the look:   Scarf   |   Flannel


leggings and sweater

Another great holster option for fall are concealment leggings. These are some of the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn! The material is thick so, even though they are stretchy, it won’t stretch out and show your skin underneath! The holsters inside the waistband make concealing this way so comfortable.

Shop the look:       Sweater



What about jackets and vests? How do they play into concealed carry in the fall? You can holster your gun in your pocket! A great option for this is the Sticky holster. The lightweight, low profile holster is perfect for pocket carry in jackets, sweatshirts, vests, and fleece! When you draw your gun, the holster stays put in the pocket. You can also move the holster to your waistband if you get too warm and want to remove your heavy top.

sticky holster for pocket
vest large pockets

Shop the look:            Vest


owb jacket

On the waistband carry may be the most comfortable way to carry but it can be the most difficult to conceal, but not during the crisp, cool weather of autumn! Throw on your favorite jeans, gun belt and whatever shirt you like, and then add a cardigan or flannel and you are ready.

Shop the look:      Jacket


Don’t want to worry about always covering your waistband? Go for the ever popular in the waistband holster. You don’t even have to wear a belt when you purchase an Ulticlip! The heavier fabric and flowy fashion that are so common during cooler months make concealing an IWB holster a cinch.

loose sweatshirt iwb holster

Slim Carry IWB Holster                   Ulticlip                    Holdex IWB Holster

Shop the look:    Sweater


purse holster outfit

You can also carry in a purse if you cannot carry on your person. Of course on-body carry is the best option, bar none, but carrying in a purse is better than not carrying. You might think that CC purses are easy to spot. However, there are some beautiful options that look super stylish and aren’t the usual CC purse style!


All of these holster options will work any time of the year, but concealed carry is especially comfortable and easy during cooler weather. Remember though, with all of the added clothing comes more to move out of the way should you need quick access to your gun. Practice drawing with this extra clothing with your unloaded gun. Time of course is critical and it will take more time to clear and access your gun with more clothing between your hand and your gun grip. This makes practice absolutely necessary.  We would love to showcase your great Fall CC outfits in our great “Dress For Concealed Carry – Photos & Tips resource. Find great ideas and share yours!

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  1. Jen says:

    I love the tooled American cowhide purse as an option. Small and I can wear cross body.

    1. Cindy LeFebvre says:

      I have this purse also. I love it!

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