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What a country we live in, the land of the free and home of the brave!

Right now we are in a time of turmoil, there is no doubt about that. We are all being tested in every way possible. Our patience, morals even our health is being put to the test. However, I know in this time of uncertainty, we will get through this and come out stronger on the other side.

That is what we do, we are Americans.

So, I wanted to understand what freedom meant to all the well armed women out there. We asked them through a number of platforms,

“What does freedom mean to you”?

Your answers were incredibly inspiring.

You continue to remind me just how big, how far-reaching, and how important our freedom is.

As you will see, freedom means so many different things to each of us. So, I put together a word cloud with the words YOU used to help visualize the common ideals. The larger the word is, the more frequently it was used.


Below I’m sharing a few of the excerpts from our followers. What we each believe freedom means, they are all very personal. Everyone should take the time to dig deep and find out “what does freedom mean to you?” What does living in America mean to you and what makes you proud to live here?

Perhaps this will help ground you and remind you what truly is important during these unstable times.

Though we are all different and may see things with different lenses –  we are all unified by the fact that we are Free.


The ability to think and act responsibly without having to get permission or be denied…


Having my own opinion, being unique, my life taking me to new paths I would never have imagined, choices, learning from my mistakes, failures to successes, heartbreaks to happiness


Freedom is the strength to do the right thing for our families and our fellow citizens.


Freedom means believing as I want and speaking my opinion openly without fear. . Moving about the country as I please. Working where I want. Worshiping where I want. Yes there are laws but basically you are free to do as you want.


Freedom means being able to voice my beliefs anywhere I go, to love and worship God freely, to elect government with similar beliefs and values as mine, and to be able to share the love I have for my family outwardly in public places like stores, restaurants and parks without fear of a police state—and the rights of the second amendment.




Accountability, government transparency, to lead a life where I’m not forced to believe what others do, and to have privacy in my homelife.


Life liberty and pursuit of happiness. Thank you Soldiers and thank you Jesus!


It is ever present in my heart and mind that our Freedoms have been paid for by the lives and sacrifices of Patriots, and it would be a travesty to relinquish them so readily for a false sense of security!


Freedom is the right to do what brings me fulfillment as long as it doesn’t infringe on another person’s right to the same. If you’re busy loving your life, you won’t have time nor desire to worry about what someone else is doing.


Endless possibilities, worshiping freely, speaking passionately about
a n y t h i n g and immense pride in our colorful history.


Freedom means America, where all opinions are okay and the government doesn’t tell us how to live, what to say and how much or little we can make. Freedom is living by the Air Force base and hearing the jets fly overhead practicing. And freedom is getting tearful at the National Anthem because you love your life and appreciate those who gave you that freedom. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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Here are some historical resources like the Declaration of Independence and The Second Amendment.

10 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Km Krouse says:

    Freedom is hoping that one day I will be able to mow my lawn without carrying a gun in my jeans. Freedom is hoping that I can walk my dog in my own neighborhood without being afraid that I will need to use the Sig in my belt. Freedom is not having that horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach when someone is walking behind me on my way to my truck because my purse is in the cart instead of on my arm. Freedom is something very rare and precious in my neighborhood. Freedom is hoping I have it again.

  2. Becka says:

    Freedom is not allowing Facebook, Twitter or anyone else revoke our 2nd amendment rights.

  3. Bobbie Bailey-George says:

    Freedom is love of the greatest country in the world, my country…the United States of America! Being an American is the the greatest feeling in the world. My family members served and fought for this freedom. One of my uncles was a WW II prisoner of war, in a German prison camp for two years. He was ready to be executed until a German soldier stepped in and saved him. He returned to our great USA and lived into his 90’s, back in the tiny country town (pop. 375) my family all grew up in. I’m a Fourth of July baby, the greatest day to have a birthday..everybody celebrates with you. Tears come to my eyes when I see our beautiful flag, hear the Star Spangled Banner or one of our other beautiful patriotic songs or say our Pledge of Allegiance. Many people have given their lives, limbs and everything they own so that we have and can enjoy and take advantage of this great freedom! This is just the tip of what the USA and freedom means to means to me. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND SERVED TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOM! GOD BLESS AND PROTECT OUR GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE BEAUTIFUL FREEDOM THAT WE ARE BLESSED TO ENJOY!!!

  4. Liz Segall says:

    Freedom means Separation of Religion and State, It means the First Amendment and the ERA. It means the Right to Control My Body. It means women and black men have the right to take back the night. It means a fight against those who feel I don’t have those rights. It means not being tear gassed by the President of the United States. It means I have a right to defend my life and those I love. It means one citizen one vote free from foreign interference, It means I can say what I want unless I’m provoking hate and it means I can fight against those that provoke hate, It means this: #armedsnowflake #armedwomanthistime #armedjewthistime #armeddemocrat #armedliberal

  5. Heather says:

    Freedom…. and this article go hand in hand. We currently live in a state that has very little freedom for who I am and what I walk in. Knowing the state that We are moving to in one month fills me with peace as We are able to live the life that we want without restrictions, ridiculous laws, codes and discrimination. To be able to freely live off Grid, to carry a gun if I choose, to live off the land without people scrutinizing our every move. We will be in that new State this weekend during the fourth and this is freedom to us. A time of celebration and not watching our backs because we are “doing” something wrong. Living in Gods country, where we are allowed to live in Gods country……. is our freedom

  6. Denise Delgado says:

    Freedom to me means, that my grandparents who, immigrated here, were allowed to practice their religion, vote, own a gun, hunt, shoot, travel anywhere, work and educate themselves as they saw fit. Because of them, their descendants have been grateful to live in this country, enjoy all it has to offer, succeed and prosper. This country is a great experiment, a work in progress. We should learn our history, teach our chilldren, and appreciate what it took to make this country great. Many lives have gone before us in this United States. Of all the countries in the world this one has people begging and risking death to enter. That says something to me.

  7. Judy says:

    Freedom is having choices.

  8. Candace Jackson says:

    Freedom to feel safe in my home & neighborhood.

  9. Judi says:


  10. Kristie Vega says:

    Freedom to me is many things, however the price for that frredom wasn’t and isn’t FREE. Freedom is why so many are here in America and stay in Amercia. Freedom is sacrifice that So many have made and continue to make for our Country. Freedom is everything that our Constitution was written for. I love my Country and I love our Service Members that Served and continue to Serve each and every day so I may have this freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom to keep and bear arms ( which only a few countries support)! Freedom of religion, Freedom to Assemble,Freedom of press…..And Freedom to petition the government!!Freedom to get in my car and drive anywhere, Freedom to enjoy every beautiful place in our Country. Freedom to just be me!

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