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Dinner With Ollie

The other new NRA Board of Directors members and I traveled to NRA Headquarters for our New Board Member Orientation recently, and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you (including having dinner with Oliver North).

I have to say that although I have visited NRA Headquarters in the past, walking through the doors this time was entirely different for me. Walking in as one of the leaders of this mighty organization was pretty humbling.

It was a jam-packed day from start to finish! We started with breakfast at NRA Headquarters with new NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North, Carolyn Meadows and members of the NRA Staff. What a great way to informally start the day and begin to get to know each other better.

The morning was spent being briefed by the Secretary’s Office staff on some of the organizational history and structure, the role of the staff and how we as board members interact and communicate with them and the various divisions within the NRA.

Next, we met with Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA to better understand all that they do and some of the numerous issues they are working diligently on. (Trust me, there are many!)  See the links below to financially support the enormous level of urgent legislative and mid-term election work NRA-ILA is doing.

We had each leader of the numerous divisions within the NRA present the purpose, goals, and status of each division. A presentation began on all that the General Operations Division is responsible for such as:
NRA Carry GuardNRA HuntingNational School ShieldNRA Museums, Competitive ShootingEducation & TrainingLaw EnforcementShows and exhibitsRecreational Programs and Ranges, just to name a few!

Museum Tour

After lunch, we took a wonderful tour of the NRA Museum with the curator, Jim Supica. What an incredible and immense collection of firearms!  These beautiful pieces of history are spectacular. If you have never been, make sure to put it on your list of “To Do’s.” The breadth and enormity of this collection are indescribable. There just was not enough time to take it all in and to soak in the significance of what we were seeing. Here is a link to learn more about the Museum.

Photo: Outdoor Hub

Following the museum tour, we continued the presentations from the Office of Advancement and learned about the creative opportunities and numerous ways to contribute such as Corporate and workplace giving, planned legacy giving, and even the donation of firearms. We also heard from the Membership Division on the ever-growing NRA membership which is about to hit 6 Million! Learn more and join the NRA Family here.

Finally, we learned of the incredible growth of the NRA Publications Division and that even though the mainstream print media industry is in decline, the NRA publications and online web content is growing exponentially! There is so much content produced by the Publications team; I can guarantee you will find information and content you didn’t know they had. Explore them all here.

Dinner With Oliver North

The piece de resistance to this incredible day was a quiet dinner with NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North, NRW Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, Past President Carolyn Meadows and the awesome executive staff. The passion, commitment, determination and integrity of those I was blessed to sit and break bread with and get to know, was an experience I will never forget. I had to keep pinching myself as I sat next to Oliver North riveted as he shared story after incredible story of his life and from his times on the battlefields serving our great country. This man has a passion and love for this country and our Constitution like no other.

I learned so much about the National Rifle Association and all that they do. There was so much that I had not been aware of before this day. It truly impressed me to see how all of the work being done on every level of every venue of gun ownership to educate, train, and preserve all that we hold so dear with our Second Amendment. Can you believe all of the links in this email? Each link will help you to also learn all about all of the vital work the NRA is doing for you. I encourage you to explore them all!

How you can take action link:
NRA-ILA updates link:
Link to donate:

Keep up the great work as ambassadors and protectors of our Second Amendment for us all,
My best,


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    That’s a wonderful day with the officers! I find the museum tour must be the most exciting part of the event.

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