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Bring the Heat This Summer, June 2019 Giveaway!

The June 2019 Giveaway is sure to bring the heat this summer!

First, we are giving away a Ruger LC9s

A giveaway you don’t want to miss. This is an awesome gun! It allows you to carry the power of a 9mm in a very streamlined, lightweight, small and concealable gun. The LC9s is only 6 inches long and weighs only 17.2 ounces. The magazine holds seven rounds, for a total of eight with one in the chamber. The magazine has a finger extension that gives you a bit more gripping surface for a solid grip. It is a striker-fire (hence the “S”) which helps to make the trigger much lighter, smoother, and easier to press.

Next, in the giveaway bundle, Keep your new gun safe with a Liberty HDX-350


Last, but not least, you will get a Designer Series by Carrie Lightfoot holster in the empowered pattern.

These in the waistband holsters are perfect for women carriers! They are the slimmest, adjustable holster out there! The first of its kind in a world where holsters for women were non-existent.

  • Smooth Edges: This holster uses the least amount of kydex and all the edges are smoothed down so there is no scratching or getting caught on clothing.
  • Adjust the height: The ride height can be adjusted so depending on your midsection length, you can carry wherever fits you best!
  • Adjustable cant: You can also adjust the cant. We have upgraded the hardware so there are no problems with the clip spinning. Once you find your cant and tighten, it stays!
  • 0.080 Kydex: It is a hard kydex and has full trigger protection, perfect for proper firearm holstering.
  • Don’t usually wear a belt? No PROBLEM! This holster is compatible it the Ulticlip that allows you to wear this holster right on your pant line and not worry about it coming off. The sinching power of the Ulticlip is unmatchable!

The first in the designer series is named “Empowered”.  As I considered what this word means to you and to me, it was clear that our empowerment is reflected on many levels of who we are. It manifests itself in so many different ways, both large and small, obvious and subtle. The intricacy of my Paisley inspired pattern and its gorgeous colors reflects this. It is complex, just as we are but all of the intricate details, shapes, and colors come together to create something more beautiful! And the Tiffany Blue color? Gorgeous! Did you know this color represents the feminine, sophistication, energy, wisdom, and wholeness? The perfect color for the Empowered Design.


Don’t wait! Enter NOW!


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