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An Independence Day Message

Sadly, more terror attacks fill the airwaves and have us greatly concerned and pained to witness yet more unnecessary slaughter of innocent life. Our collective heart breaks for those lives lost and for the families and friends that are left behind in agony.
I can only speak for myself, but managing the full spectrum of emotions and anger is a challenge. I struggle to find the right avenues to channel them all in a positive, constructive manner. Yes, I do my share of yelling at the TV screen as pundits and politicians rally to once again demonize firearms as if they were responsible. They posture and politicize the very serious issues and true causes of this cancer plaguing our world. That does little good in the scheme of things and only offers me temporary relief. So what do we do? What can we do that will help, even in a small way to contribute to solving the problems and protect ourselves, our families and our Second Amendment rights?
As we celebrate the birth of our country and its independence we are reminded of the glorious freedoms we are so incredibly blessed to have in this country. Let’s start off with pride in all that this country stands for and in gratitude that we are not forced to live in oppression like so many around the world. From this place of gratitude, we must commit or re-commit to protecting all that so many have suffered and died to protect.
Hold your family close, create and train your family’s emergency plans, be situationally aware EVERYWHERE, check all of your self-protection gear, expand your defensive training skills and lastly, get active politically.
Talk to those around you and educate them on firearms and on what the Second Amendment means to you personally. I say this regularly… Know your story and share it! Contact your elected officials over and over again and p ay attention to Second Amendment issues all over the country  As I shared in a recent speech I gave:
“It’s tempting to shake our heads and say, ‘I’m glad that’s not in my state.’ We must resist this urge and recognize that what we see happening in other states is not only a sneak peak at what the true agenda is and what is likely coming to your state one day, but it is chipping away at the health of our Second Amendment. Bit by bit it is being eroded and undermined until one day it is rendered useless and it topples.”
Our rights are already frayed down to a thread. WE, you and I, must begin to work together and stitch by stitch diligently darn it back together.
Stay aware, train and stay safe!

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