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The BEST Self-Defense Flashlight

Now that you are all read up on the fundamentals of EDC flashlights and understand why everyone should carry a flashlight, let me show the best all-around self-defense flashlight.

The PowerTac M5 Self-Defense Flashlight is finally here and has everything you need in an EDC flashlight. This flashlight is compact, extremely bright, and an all-purpose tool ready to be a part of your EDC kit.



First off, the Ultimate Self-Defense Flashlight offers 6 different light modes that range from .5 lumens all the way up to 1300 lumens – perfect for every-day use as well as self-defense. The brightest setting also can switch to the strobe setting, further disorienting any would-be attacker. The brightest setting will illuminate up to 600 feet away, allowing you to spot any obstacle coming your way.


Its sturdy 4.9” inch construction fits naturally in your hand and weighs in at 3.5oz. The black finish is textured to provide extra grip, and comes with a clip and lanyard to easily carry and conceal. Also, the Ultimate Self-Defense Flashlight is waterproof, so rain or shine, you know that you will have light.

Where the Ultimate Self-Defense Flashlight starts to pull away from its competition is the small things that go a long way. It has slight teeth along the bezel, perfect for some extra oomph against an attacker. These are subtle enough to sit in your bag and not draw any attention.



One of my favorite tweaks is that you don’t need to take the battery out! Most flashlights either rely on disposable batteries that you always need to replace. Or, they have nice rechargeable batteries, but you must take apart the whole flashlight, take out the battery, and then plug in the battery. Only to have to do it all over again to put it back together! The Ultimate Self-Defense Flashlight comes with a magnetic external charger. Simply attach the magnetic charging cable to the terminal on the exterior of the light. The switch even lights up to let you know the battery level. Red means it needs to charge, blue means you are all set! It couldn’t be easier.

Trust me, you need this flashlight!

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