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Here are some gadgets you should be on the lookout for on Prime Day 2019! You may go to Amazon and see the same things all the time because what you see is based on what you’ve searched for in the past and what products are sponsored. So how do you know you’re seeing everything you might need or want? Search for it! This list will guide you so you can search for great gadgets that will help you to always be prepared.

Preparing Yourself in Your Car

Be prepared no matter where you are by keeping everything you need in your car. What if you get stranded somewhere with little traffic… what do you do? Pull out a chargeable car jumper! Use your emergency tool kit to mark off the area with flares and triangles. (I gave one of these to each of my 4 children when they got thier firest cars.) Stay warm with your electric blanket if it is during the winter months (these use the accessory jack!). Get a water bottle specifically for your car. A stainless steel bottle with no BPA’s is the perfect choice! Look for high star reviews and a lot of reviewers. These products are some great examples!


Home Preparedness

I know you’ll have your gun on you at home, at all times but guns cannot prepare you for a power outage or protect you from the loss of a phone line. In case of natural disasters, storms, floods, or other dangers, these products will be so useful for you! Get yourself a few light bulbs with rechargeable batteries to illuminate your home during a blackout. Keep your phone charged as much as possible and have access to a portable charger when you need your phone the most.

For those times when you aren’t home, keep an eye on your house or pets with a security camera that connects to your Amazon Echo or phone. Speaking of pets, you need to be prepared for anything pet-related! This pet first aid kit and book will help you and your furry family members.


Prepare Yourself for Survival in the Wild

Great, you’re prepared in your car and at home. Now you’re planning to go camping or you are travelling somewhere unknown and you need to be prepared. First, read up on survival, just in case. Of course, you may travel and experience no hiccups, but you can’t be sure. The great thing about all of these products is you can use them for general use, camping, and travel, or for survival.

What do you need for survival: Shelter, warmth, water, and the ability to administer first aid. Survival blankets and tents are light and can be added to any camping pack or stored in your car for emergencies. A filtering straw will make any water drinkable so you can stay hydrated in every environment. Don’t forget a portable chimney to cook food and stay warm.


Use Amazon’s Prime Day to your advantage this year. Prepare yourself for any situation; power outages, natural disasters, car problems, camping mishaps. Put yourself in a position of preparation and keep your mind at ease!

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