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Discover Which States Stun Guns Are Legal In

Can You Use a Stun Gun in Your Area?

Contribution from freelance writer – Jess Walter 

With reason to fear for their personal safety, or just wishing to learn how to defend themselves, women all over the country have begun learning how to use weaponry. Being well-versed in gun safety is the first step to being equipped and empowered by a firearm. Some may wish to use a gun; others may only feel comfortable using a stun gun.

However, stun guns are subject to many laws similar to the laws that govern the ownership and use of firearms. Some people may not even be aware that this is the case. In the majority of states there are laws that say a stun gun is allowed to be owned, bought or sold. Even though this is the case, many states still require the possession of a permit.

Take a look at this guide to discover more about how stun guns are regulated in your area, and make sure you’re familiar with the laws.

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