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Eye Protection That Makes the Cut

Eye Protection That Makes the Cut

Eye protection is so important when you are on the range. Spent casings, debris, a ricochet or other environmental debris can fly at your eyes. For that reason, you MUST protect them! Over the years, I have tried a lot of styles but only a few make the cut to be carried at The Well Armed Woman store. Here is the list of my picks to fit any budget!


My Top Picks

Bifocal shooting eye protection

1. Do you have trouble seeing the sights? These Bifocal Shooting Glasses (under $25.00 on 2/19/2019) go up to 3.0x magnification, giving you improved vision to clearly see your sights. You can now read what you need to without having to change your glasses! These glasses provide UV400 protection for when you are outside. They have a durable anti-scratch coating so don’t think twice about tossing them in your range bag.


woman's pink shooting eye protection


2. These are a sleek and light pair of glasses that you won’t even know are there. The Woman’s Pink Shooting Glasses (Under $20.00 on 2/19/2019) have an adjustable rubber nose piece for a custom fit. They also have rubber ear pieces for comfortable extended wear. Then add beautiful pink accents and these glasses are your next pair of go-to eye protection.


Tortoise Shooting eye protection3. Looking for something with flare? I love these glasses, as I have always been a fan of the tortoise pattern. Our Howard Leight Tortoise Shooting Glasses (Under $20.00 on 2/19/2019) are great because they offer maximum eye protection with their wrap around style. These glasses are also slimmer than most safety glasses, giving them a feminine fit without the “safety goggle” feel. They come in clear for indoor/low light situations and rose for outdoor/bright light practice.


Sharp shooters eye protection


4. Are you looking for something basic? We’ve gotcha covered! These Howard Leight Sharp Shooter Glasses (under $10.00 on 2/19/2019) are simple, get the job done, and have a low price. These glasses are great for backup or as extra pairs of eye protection for friends! No color, no frills; just tried and true safety glasses.



5. I get so many questions from people looking for glasses to fit over prescription glasses. I use to wear glasses (have recently switched to contact lenses) so I know the pain of finding a good pair for this. These Radians Coveralls Shooting and Safety Glasses (Clear Lens) (under $10.00 on 2/19/2019) really fit the bill. I am not going to lie, they are not the most attractive pair of glasses but they do the job and keep your eyes and other pair of glasses safe. You can also get these in different tints for different lighted practice. Best of all they are at a great price point.


Ear plug retainer close-up

Last but not least, are not glasses at all but a way to keep track of your favorite pair. This product attaches to most glasses and allows you to keep them on you and with you at all times, hands-free! Our Specialty Earplug and Retainers (under $10.00 on 2/19/2019) are a must-have for your range bag. Not only do they hold your glasses, but they also have attached earplugs! How easy is that?! When you are not using your glasses and ear plugs, just let them rest around your neck until needed again. I’m telling you… it’s the little things.


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