My Story

I was 24, my husband was deployed in Iraq. He comes from a well armed hunting family from Nebraska, so before he left he bought a high point 45 pistol for me, I was told to keep it under my bed. 
My little sister and her 9 month old son were staying with me, and one night we woke up to my kitchen and living room windows breaking and 3 men were outside them!!! So I grabbed the gun first, then the house phone and my sister and my nephew and put them in the middle room of the house, which was the bathroom, I put them in the shower and closed and locked them in, and stood outside the door while I called the police.
The men were trying to come inside the windows, and the dispatcher heard them breaking more glass to come in, so she asked me if my pistol was registered, which it is, and to aim and fire at the intruders. I was scared and she could tell so she told me to calmly drop to my knee aim and fire, so I did. I shot at the two windows they were trying to enter, missed, but it worked, they ran as I sprayed more bullets, almost the whole clip! I hit there car, and that's all I hit, but as long as they left! By that time the cops arrived in full force on foot and in cars guns out and surrounded the place. The criminals almost got away but they were blocked down the road. They got out on foot and tried to run but were apprehended within a couple miles! They told the police they were going to rob us, but the gangland style window breaking they did suggested that it might have been an abduction, and scaring two women and a baby by bashing in the windows was a tactic meant to let us know they're in charge and they're not messing around!
All of these inhumane crimes being done to women these days is out of control. You've all got to watch out for yourselves ladies, because you never know who's out there and who's watching. It was definitely life saving to have had a gun and need it, then to not have had one at all!