Protected by a gun, that I thought I didn't need

I was protected by a gun, that I thought I didn't need, but was made to carry by my husband.  I worked in the city and  traveled 37 miles each way from home. I was picking up one of my employees at his apartment complex while his vehicle was in the shop.  One morning around 6 a.m., it was still dark when I pulled into his complex.  I pulled in directly in front of the guard house and turned around facing the street.  As I waited for him, I noticed a truck parked across the street on the island.  A person got out and ran across the road directly to my car (which was a vw by the way).  It was cold so I had the windows rolled up and I always locked the doors so I didn't think anything of this person at first.  When he reached my vehicle he stopped and punched the driver's side window and yelled at me to put the window down.  I was shocked at first and just sat there.  He punched the window again.  Continued punching and then started going to the back of the car, punched the back window, all the while shouting for me to roll the window down.  (Meanwhile the guard in the gatehouse did nothing)  When he went to the passenger side of the vehicle and started punching the window, I realized I had taken my gun out of my purse (which was on the floor behind the driver's seat) and had put it in the glove box.  I scrambled to get it out, as I did he came back around to the driver's side......he punched the window once and by the second punch, I had taken the gun out of the holster, taken the safety off and was now pointing it right at his face !!!!  I knew then, if he broke the window I would fire!!! I never thought I could do that but I found out self preservation made me think and do something to protect myself.  He immediately put up his hands, said ok, ok, and then ran across the street to the passenger side of the truck and they sped off.  This all happened in less than 5 minutes......My employee was a little late coming down that morning and when he got to my car he found me with the gun in hand and very upset but ok.  I am glad I had something to protect myself and I would have.