Our New Home

Back in 1994 I had moved to our new home with our 2 daughters and hubby was to join us in a year after he retired from the Navy. I was never afraid without him as I had to go 6 months or more at times while he was on deployments, so I was used to it. One day, the girls and I went out shopping and I always locked our doors and such. Well, we got home and after we entered the house, we saw the back door wide open and heard a noise down in the basement, like things being thrown around. Well I grabbed the phone to call 911 and headed into the bedroom with the girls and locked the door. I picked up the S+W.357 Magnum we had and I hid the girls under the bed. It was taking a long time for the police to show up so I called again and let them know we were in the bedroom and I had my gun and if anyone came through the door, I would shoot them. The 911 operator told me to make sure when the police got there, to put the gun down. I said I would as long as they proved they were police. Well, many, many minutes later, no sign of the police and I heard the bedroom doorknob being jiggled. I shouted out that I called the police and if anyone came through that door they were dead as I would shoot first and question later. Apparently, whoever it was took off and finally the police arrived. I was not afraid as I knew all the training I had would help me get through this. Yes, my girls were frightened, but afterward were happy that I was able to protect them. I did ask my brother to move in with us after that as we were in the boondocks. Even now, these many years later, I remember that and am confident that I can do what needs to be done in any circumstance.