My Sister's Story

Sadly, this is not a story of survival, but one of tragedy. It was shared in the hopes that it will never happen again and that we can all work together to change "Gun Free Zones" into "Guns Save Lives Zones"


My sister divorced her husband because of his physical and drug abuse. She got a restraining order (and we know how well those work) and on the advice of a family friend ( a LEO) bought and learned to use a gun. Because of the state we lived in we could carry without a piece of paper. She also had the added help of security walking her to and from work. The only problem with this was she worked in a store in a mall that the owners would NOT let her carry even after she showed them the letters and had them listen to the messages he had left her. NO, he did not make any overt threats, however, because we all knew him we realized she was in danger of being murdered. My sister had in fact found a job where she could carry and protect herself.  She did not get that chance.
On her last day at work, her ex walked into the store, shut the door and until the sirens were heard proceeded to terrorize everyone there. There was an employee who had been in the back and called 911. When the sirens were heard, the pos took out a gun and murdered my sister. He then ran out of the store and mall and took off. When the police caught up with him, he of course being a coward, used the gun on himself.
PLEASE, we must work to get rid of "gun free zones" My sister was a law abiding woman and did not carry into work even though we begged her to carry anyway.
I carry everyday and everywhere.