The Women's Gun Show - Episode 72 - The Power Of Purple

The Women’s Gun Show Episode #72:  The Power of Purple

What’s going on in our lives 

Carrie:  Well, Barabara is in England shooting some shotgun with the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club and I am thrilled to have Stacy Bright here today. We have been in Provo UT at the conference and I am still trying to process all that happened there.

Topic: The Power of Purple


Tip Time with Julie Golob:  Not a Race – positive habits – take time to handle gun safely - chainsaw

Cool products 

Carrie:  Lincoln 2449  - payment plan

Raffle -

TWAW Discount

Stacy: Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case $189  -

TWAW Product of the Week – TWAW Fleece Jacket $59.95


The WON’s Post of the Week: 

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