The Women’s Gun Show Episode 52- Liz Lazarus Interview – Free of Malice

In this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird discuss survival stories from strong and brave women, such as Liz Lazarus and Kimberly Corban. Carrie interviews Liz about the book she wrote, “Free of Malice.” The pair also touch on trending firearms news, cool products and events. Sponsored by Ruger.

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What’s going on in our lives 

Carrie: Mother’s Day 

Barb: Turkey hunt success!


Topic: Liz Lazarus



Survival Story

Photo: Kimberly Corban

Carrie:  Kimberly Corban Shares Minute By Minute Account Of Her Sexual Assault On Last Year’s 10th Anniversary *NOTE: Thid content is graphic - not for children


Firearms News You can use

Barb: National Safety Council just released its Injury Facts 2017 report compiling 2015 data, and it found that accidental firearms fatalities tumbled 17% from 2014 to 2015 to just 489 deaths, or just 0.003% of the total, the lowest since record-keeping began in 1903. And that decline occurred even as total accidental deaths from all other listed causes actually rose 8% to 146,571.           

Photo: Fabio

Carrie: Fabio Pens Steamy Love Letter to Americans: “Don’t Ever Give Up Your Guns!”


Cool products 

Barb: Trijicon MRO:

Carrie:  Live Fire Drill Cards Handgun Training Log  $59.95:


TWAW Product of the Week

Ukoala Bag - Compact Dragon  $119:


The WON’s Post of the Week


Barb: How to choose a firearms instructor:


Calendar: What’s up? 



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