The Women's Gun Show - Episode 59 - Should You or Shouldn't You?

The Women's Gun Show - Episode #59 - Should You or Shouldn't You?

In this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot, of The Well Armed Woman, and Barbara Baird, of Women’s Outdoor News, discuss whether it’s a good idea to wear or display gun-related or Second Amendment proponent apparel and signage. Julie Golob weighs in with how to respond to “That Guy” at the range, and the duo also discuss trending firearms news, cool products and worthwhile training events. If you’re a self-protector or firearms enthusiast, this is the show for you. Sponsored by Ruger and NRA Women.

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What’s going on in our lives 

Carrie:  Weekend off Navajo Fry Bread
Barb: AR thing and series at The WON.

Topic: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Firearms News You Can Use

Kate’s Law passes in House:
Carrie: Czech Republic Aims to Arm Citizens to Combat Terrorism:

Julie Golob and Tip Time: “That Guy” (at the Range)

Cool products 

Carrie:  Furinno A6- Ergonomics Aluminum Vented Adjustable Laptop Portable Bed Tray, Silver
Barb: $200 and worth every penny®-mid-tf-ws
TWAW Product of the Week –  
Every Day Is Independence Day For A Well Armed Woman Tee Shirt:
Every Day Is Independence Day For A Well Armed Woman Tank :
The WON’s Post of the Week: Talking to anti-gun people:

Barb Calendar: What’s up? 

Barb: Ladies Night at the Range in Kalamazoo, Michigan:
Carrie: Don’t forget to register to win our Fan of the Month giveaway, where …
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