The Women’s Gun Show Episode - 56 - The Most Dangerous Cities in the US


The Women’s Gun Show Episode - 56 - The Most Dangerous Cities in the US

In this show, Carrie Lightfoot, of The Well Armed Woman, and Barbara Baird, of Women’s Outdoor News, discuss the FBI’s most recent list for the most dangerous cities in the US. Julie Golob offers a tip about footwear on the range. The pair also talk about trending news, including defending against terrorism, cool products and events. The show is sponsored by Ruger and NRA Women

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What’s going on in our lives 

Barb: Return from ND – barn quilts, cousins and cow tales.

At the NSSF Summit with (L-R) Cheryl Todd, Gabby Franco, Chris Cheng

Carrie: NSSF Summit – MI State Shoot


Topic: The Most Dangerous Cities in the US

The FBI’s 10 Most Dangerous Cities:


Julie Golob Tip of the Week: Footwear

Well, speaking of traveling … Julie Golob offers some helpful advice about footwear on the range.


Carrie’s Survival Story

Carrie: Franklin (OH) woman thwarts would-be purse snatcher by pulling gun


Firearms News You Can Use:

Barb: Big can of worms in UK:

Carrie: Florida Sheriff Urges Citizens to Take Up Arms, be Prepared For Terrorism


Cool Products

Barb: Talk about our Pinterest boards and all the cool items available there.

Carrie: CoolFire Laser Recoil trainer

TWAW Product of the Week

Carrie: New Circle Patch  4.99:

The WON’s Post of the Week

 Barb: Two recent columns by Stacy Bright on Church Security:

The Women's Gun Show Fan Of The Month - Lori from Alaska

Calendar: What’s up? 

Barb: Still room in the Ladies for Liberty Class at Hillsdale:


Fan Of The Month Interview: Lori from Alaska

Barb: Don’t forget to register to win our Fan of the Month giveaway

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