The women's Gun Show - Episode 4 - Summertime and Kids on the Range

Episode 4 June 10, 2016 -  Summertime and Kids on the Range

Special guest - USA Shooting’s Jessica Delos Reyes

Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird discuss summertime and shooting clubs, organizations and opportunities for children to learn the sport of shooting. Barbara interviews USA Shooting’s Jessica Delos Reyes, who works at the training center for US Shooting in Colorado Springs, about how to work with a future Olympic shooter and ways to get children into shooting.The Well Armed Woman product of the week the D-Wipe for the range. Keep the lead off your kids. Also, don’t forget to enter the “fan of the month” opportunity, where you can win prizes from The Well Armed Woman and be featured at Women’s Outdoor News. The Women’s Gun Show is sponsored by Ruger.


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