The Women's Gun Show - Episode 33 - End of Year Checklist

The Women's Gun Show - Episode 33 Show Notes

Survival Story  - Intruder killed in attempted Kingwood home invasion Houston:

Firearms news you can use

Barb: Californians are forming long lines to buy guns before new gun control laws come into effect:

Carrie: Hollywood Heroes: 24 Movies & TV Shows Featuring GLOCK Pistols:

Cool products

Barb, Comp-Tac flatline thumb break holster for my PPQM2:

Carrie – Tactical diaper bag: 

Show Theme: What you must do if you own firearms and haven’t done so yet

Download the checklist here

Fan of the month interview – Debby

TWAW Product of the Week – Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Ear Muff  $87.99:

Calendar: What’s up?

Barb – The Apple Valley Gun Club (Victorville, CA) has got it goin’ on for women:

Carrie – USCCA Expo April 7-9th Fort Worth TX

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