The Women's Gun Show - Episode 30 - Why We Carry

Episode 30 - Why We Carry

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Special Guest - Susan, October Fan of the Month

Carrie is on Grandma Duty! My grandson Rowan was born on December 4th at 4:00 PM. He weighed 8.9 lbs and measuered 20.5 inches. 

Survival Story 

Oregon cowboy lassoes attempted bike thief:

Firearms news you can use

Barb: 22 heavily armed men post mannequin challenge on Facebook, much to delight of cops:

Carrie: Do Video Games Create Killers?:


Cool products

Barb:   GWG Holiday Gift Guide:

Carrie --  Concealed Carry Magazine – Women’s Section -


Interview - October Fan of the Month - Susan

Susan's feature story on Women's Outdoor News:…ens-gun-show-fan


Why We Carry: Barbara and Carrie share why they carry

TWAW Product of the Week –

Build Your Own Holsters -













  Carrie's new Glock 43 holster 

Calendar: What’s up?

Barb –  Fla. BOW:

Carrie : Sheepdog Seminars with Lt. Col David Grossman and Jimmy Meeks:

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