The Women's Gun Show - Episode 25 - #GunVote

Episode 25 - #GunVote

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Special Guest: Sandy Froman, Former President of the NRA

In this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird discuss the importance of thinking about the #Gunvote. Carrie talks to Sandy Froman, former president of the NRA, about the importance of thinking of guns and the future.

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Training Tip 

Tip article: How to Cure Common Shooting Mistakes

Firearms news you can use

Barb: Gun Sales Record: October 2016 NICS Breaks 2015 Record by Over 350,000


Cool products

Barb— Stormy Kromer hats – can get in blaze orange and blaze pink! --

Carrie: Ultimate Training Munitions

Interview: Sandy Froman

TWAW Product of the Week – Pistol Egg Fryer  $11.99

Calendar - What's up?

Barb – Governor’s Ringneck Classic, Kansas

Fan o’ the month Interview  - Shannon, MD