The Women's Gun Show - Episode 21 - What to Do about Bullies Online


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Survival Story

Armed Woman Opens Fire, Turns Tables on Carjacking Suspect:

Firearms news you can use

Happy #5 to the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club:

#BAADV, Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence campaign:

A teen was brutally beaten after making pro-police statements. His mom says it’s a hate crime.

Cool products

GFast reflective leggings from Gap, 15% to breast cancer research:

Ruger American Compact:

Interview  - Jen O’Hara, Girls with Guns Clothing

TWAW Product of the Week – The 3 E's of TWAW Necklace  $22.95

Calendar: What’s up?

Ben Avery Desert Rose Women's Shotgun Program:

Refuse to Be A Victim program:

1000 Man Shoot, Henry Rifles:

Fan o’ the month: Interview with Becky Wolfert