The Women's Gun Show - Episode 2 - Say What? You Want to Buy a Gun?

Episode 2 May 27, 2016 - Say what? You want to buy a gun?

Special guest - Julie Golob

In this show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird discuss tips to consider before you buy a gun. Barbara interviews pro competition shooter Julie Golob about how to choose a first gun, and Julie then gives one of her favorite tips for beginning shooters at the range. Carrie talks about the American Marksman program, and the upcoming June certification class in Oklahoma for The Well Armed Woman.The women note the features of Carrie’s latest design, the rolling range bag, and why they’d take a Ruger SR9 to the range. The show also covers trends in the world of firearms and news you can use.

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Julie Golob: http://www.juliegolob.comLinks from this weeks show.

Julie Golob’s book, Shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition:​

American Marksman Program:

Oklahoma certification class:

Ruger SR9:

The Well Armed Woman Rolling Range Bag: