Every Well Armed Woman is more than equipped with a firearm, she is also educated to know how to best protect herself. Being aware of the environment around you and the presence of threat, is part of this.

Here is an elegant but simple awareness reminder to hang anywhere.  4 Fire Polished Crystals in the Awareness colors of clear, yellow, orange and red,  finished with a 10 3/5 inch curb chain with toggle clasp. I keep mine in the car, to always remind me to be aware. 
Awareness Jewelry to remind women to always be aware of their surroundings. The color WHITE or CLEAR symbolizes an unaware mode. The color YELLOW is where you should be at all times - aware of what's around you, observing and alert. The color ORANGE portrays a heightened sense of imminent threat. The color RED indicates you have seen the threat and need to take immediate action to insure your safety. Heaven forbid you ever get into the BLACK mode, as this means you take defensive action immediately... FIGHT or FLIGHT status.
Chart from Everyday Readiness

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