Suzanne Freehauf

Suzanne Freehauf

TWAW Certified
Company: LadyFire, LLC
Scottsdale, Arizona
Phone: 970-218-0689
Email: ynqlsveryyp(at)

Suzanne Freehauf

My love of shooting has led me to share that passion with others. I formed LadyFire, LLC in 2013 to give adults and children the training they need in a non-threatening environment. People who are comfortable with firearms are empowered to defend themselves and their loved ones - and they enjoy the sport of shooting!

Private lessons available.

Student Testimonies

Thank you for the links Suzanne. I look forward to continuing developing my skills & comfort in shooting. You have a such a delightful personality & were very thorough in your instruction, which made the concealed carry class so enjoyable. Thank you!

THANK YOU SUZANNE for a very informative & fun class last Sunday. We both learned a lot & feel so much more comfortable with our firearms. Need to get out & practice more for sure... but the anxiety of using them is no longer an issue. Recommended you (your classes) & Great Guns to several people already!!!

Hats off to Suzanne and Felice for a great RSO training on Saturday! Thank you for your time and knowledge. This is a course with valuable information.
Thank you, Tami


Certifications: NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home, NRA Chief Safety Officer, The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructor NRA Certified Basic Shotgun Instructor Distinguished expert in Pistol Marksmanship and Defensive Pistol I a