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Finding the right instructor can be tough. Finding the right female instructor that understands your needs as a woman shooter is even tougher. Below is a series of listings of female instructors around the country. Those with the TWAW Certified emblem are women instructors who have trained with me and our trainers personally and have been trained and certified by TWAW and the NRA to meet the specific needs of women. The second category of listings are women instructors that have NRA Certifications and are The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapter Leaders around the county. 

Instructors are added regularly so keep checking back.

The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructors

TWAW certified instructors (those showing the TWAW Certified Emblem) are an exceptional group of women firearm instructors that have been trained and certified by The Well Armed Woman and the NRA to teach women and meet the needs of new women shooters. They each possess the skills and training necessary to comprehensively usher women into a safe and proficient life of firearm ownership and self protection.   

The Well Armed Woman Chapter Leaders/NRA Instructors

These women have not formally been trained by The Well Armed Woman but are exceptional female certified instructors that have been selected as The Well Armed Woman Chapter Leaders.  All are committed to expanding the world of firearms to women!

Charlene K. Leibach

TWAW Certified
Company: Southern Sassy Shooters, LLC
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Phone: 615-606-0550
Email: Fbhgureafnfflfubbgref(at)

Southern Sassy Shooters offers Ladies Firearm and Personal Protection Instruction! We recognize that there is a tremendous need for women to learn about Firearms, and Personal Safety in an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable, with a lot of Encouragement!
Start learning to Protect Yourself with us! Small classes, ladies only!
Soon we will also be offering the Tennessee Carry Permit Class for Ladies only/or couples! More Information coming soon!

Certifications: TWAW Certified Instructor and Chapter Leader NRA Basic Pistol Instructor NRA PPIH Instructor NRA RTBAV Instructor NRA Range Safety Officer State of Tennessee Licensed Firearm Instructor

Dani Robbins

TWAW Certified
Company: Robbins Training Institute
Memphis, Tennessee
Phone: 901.275.8125
Email: eboovafgenvavatvafgvghgr(at)


Robbins Training Institute seeks to provide safe training in the fields of situational awareness/survival, self-defense, and firearms. We welcome anyone looking to increase their knowledge, skills and attitudes as it applies to situational awareness/survival, self-defense, and/or firearms handling and usage

Certifications: TWAW Certified Instructor NRA Pistol Instructor NRA RSO

Eva Walle

Company: Eva Walle
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Phone: 615 430-5225
Email: Terrx4rin(at)

Firearms Instruction

Certifications: NRA Pistol Instructor IPSC range officer

Kimberly Henderson-Clemens

Company: Kimberly Henderson-Clemens
Piney Flats, Tennessee
Phone: 423 391-6006
Email: Jryynezrq(at)

Firearms Instruction

Certifications: NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Personal Protection in the home Instructor Refuse to be A Victim Instructor

Kimberly Sims

TWAW Certified
Company: Kimberly Sims
Johnson City, Tennessee
Phone: 423-282-6166
Email: xvzofvzf(at)

Firearms instruction.

Certifications: NRA Range Safety Officer NRA Instructor Certified Refuse To Be A Victim NRA Instructor Certified Personal Protection In the Home NRA Instructor Certified Pistol TWAW Certified Instructor

Linda S. Thorpe

TWAW Certified
Company: Linda S. Thorpe
Piney Flats, Tennessee
Phone: 478-951-5174
Email: Ohyyfrlroryyrf(at)

Firearms Instruction

Certifications: TWAW Certified Instructor NRA Pistol Instructor Personal Protection In The Home, NRA RSO

Natalie Numbers

TWAW Certified
Company: Numbers FORCE Academy, LLC
Springfield, Tennessee
Phone: 615-574-8633
Email: Angnyvr(at)


Numbers FORCE Academy is dedicated to teaching people Force Options Responsibly, Confidently, and Effectively. I train responsible citizens in the use of ultimate power as a last resort, as well as the safe enjoyment of firearms for hunting and recreational use. My company also sub-contracts for the Guns & Leather Shooting Academy, which has many other courses to complement and expand your firearms handling skills. I am also available to conduct safety seminars and crime prevention lectures.

Certifications: TWAW Certified State of TN (Handgun Permit) NRA: Pistol / Rifle / Personal Protection In The Home / Personal Protection Out of The Home NRA Refuse To Be A Victim instructor

Pat Thurmond

TWAW Certified
Company: Firearms & Self-Defense Acad
Franklin, Tennessee
Phone: 931-338-5053
Email: qe.cngevpvn_guhezbaq(at)


When seconds counts, police are minutes away. With over 320 million people in the United States and just over 1 million police officers, it is nearly impossible for them to be there at the exact moment when we need them most. At Firearms & Self-Defense Academy, LLC we are committed to empowering everyday citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect their loved ones, defend themselves, and survive the attack.

We understand that when you are forced to defend yourself, you are faced with two battles, physical and legal. Therefore, we offer coed and women only seminars designed to help you win on both fronts.

Certifications: NRA Certified Pistol Instructor NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Certified Instructor NRA Personal Protection in the Home Certified Instructor The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructor Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Certified Instructor The Law of Self-Defe

Peggy Ray

Company: Peggy Ray
Lakeway Region, Tennessee
Phone: 865-898-2890
Email: Cenlea(at)

I became a Chapter Leader for TWAW and NRA Instructor to push myself to strive for more. I will be offering conceal carry classes as well for TN. My mission is to encourage, support and, most importantly, educate.

I love working with ladies and helping them gain confidence and enthusiasm with their skills!

Student Testimonials:

"Peggy makes learning fun and helps everyone feel comfortable".

"I feel like it matters that we are safe when I am in her classes. I want my daughters to take these programs".

Certifications: NRA Refuse to be a victim Instructor NRA Basic Pistol Instructor NRA Chief Range Safety Officer NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home NRA Rifle Instructor TN Concealed Carry