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Finding the right instructor can be tough. Finding the right female instructor that understands your needs as a woman shooter is even tougher. Below is a series of listings of female instructors around the country. Those with the TWAW Certified emblem are women instructors who have trained with me and our trainers personally and have been trained and certified by TWAW and the NRA to meet the specific needs of women. The second category of listings are women instructors that have NRA Certifications and are The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapter Leaders around the county. 

Instructors are added regularly so keep checking back.

The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructors

TWAW certified instructors (those showing the TWAW Certified Emblem) are an exceptional group of women firearm instructors that have been trained and certified by The Well Armed Woman and the NRA to teach women and meet the needs of new women shooters. They each possess the skills and training necessary to comprehensively usher women into a safe and proficient life of firearm ownership and self protection.   

The Well Armed Woman Chapter Leaders/NRA Instructors

These women have not formally been trained by The Well Armed Woman but are exceptional female certified instructors that have been selected as The Well Armed Woman Chapter Leaders.  All are committed to expanding the world of firearms to women!

Burt Doss

TWAW Certified
Jerome, Arizona
Phone: 928 301 3125
Email: eboheg(at)

Carrie Boswell

TWAW Certified
Company: G.R.I.T. Defense, LLC
Flagstaff, Arizona
Phone: 928-600-9674
Email: pneevr(at)


GRIT: Girls Responsible Informed Trained

Our mission at GRIT Defense, LLC is to empower women to live confidently through education and skill development in firearm and self defense training that has been designed FOR women BY women.

grit \n.\ firmness of mind or spirit. unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.

Certifications: TWAW Certified Instructor NRA, Basic Pistol Instructor NRA Certified PPIH Instructor Girls On Guard Self Defense For Women Certified Instructor

Deb Castiglia

TWAW Certified
Company: Deb Castiglia
Tucson, Arizona
Phone: 520-275-0353
Email: pgltny2003(at)

Firearm Instruction

Certifications: TWAW Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor for Basic Pistol and PPITH, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, AZ Security Guard Firearms Instructor.

Elise Wilson

TWAW Certified
Company: Elise Wilson
Flagstaff, Arizona
Phone: 9286009512
Email: tnvahc(at)

Firearms Instruction

Certifications: TWAW certified instructor NRA basic pistol certified instructor NRA certified RSO

Frances Guin

TWAW Certified
Company: Accurate and Armed Training
Amado, Arizona
Phone: 520.329.5846
Email: senaprfthva(at)

Firearms training for women

Certifications: TWAW Certified, NRA Basic Pistol, PPITH, RSO

Heather Pearce

TWAW Certified
Company: Heather Pearce
Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: 480-356-3492
Email: urngure.crnepr75(at)

Firearms Instruction

Certifications: TWAW, NRA Basic Pistol, PPIH, Range Officer

Jan Ennenga

TWAW Certified
Company: Jan Ennenga
Yuma, Arizona
Phone: 928-351-7510
Email: ebpxvatas(at)

Do you want to learn to defend yourself and your family or just how to safely and responsibly handle firearms? Then join with us at the Yuma Chapter of the Well Armed Woman, Inc. (TWAW Shooting Chapters) as we educate, equip and encourage one another. For more information, visit our Facebook page through the link above. All three of our Chapter leaders are NRA Certified Instructors. 

Certifications: NRA Certified: ~ Basic Pistol ~ Personal Protection in the Home ~ Range Safety Officer ~ TWAW

Joanne P Schickle

Company: Joanne P Schickle
Yuma, Arizona
Phone: 928-502-1298
Email: wbfpu46(at)

Firearms Instruction

Certifications: Training Counselor in the following disciplines : Certified HomeFirearm Safety, Certified Pistol, Certified Rifle, Certified Shotgun, Personal Protection in The Home, Certified Refuse To Be A Victim and CRSO

Marti Stonecipher

TWAW Certified
Oracle, Arizona
Email: znegv.fgbarpvcure(at)

Firearms Instruction for women

Certifications: TWAW, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA PPITH, NRA Range Safety Officer

Nathine Goldenthal

Scottsdale, Arizona
Phone: 480 577 9008
Email: anguvarqnivn(at)

Women need a woman to teach them the use of firearms. Let's face it we're different, and the equipment we need must meet the user's requirements. Private and Semi Private lessons NRA certified, in Introductory Pistol, Basic Pistol, and Personal Protection in the Home.
Large or Small Group education for Refuse to be a victim.

Certifications: "TWAW Certified NRA pistol, Refuse to be a victim, PPIH. AZ DPS Firearms Instructor."

Pamela Dix

TWAW Certified
Scottsdale, Arizona
Email: cnzrynq1973(at)

My name is Pamela Dix. I am a Well Armed Woman chapter leader and a NRA certified instructor for Basic Pistol, Refuse to Be a Victim, and Personal Protection in the Home. My goal is to safely teach the effective use and handling of a firearm for personal protection and to enjoy all that the shooting sports offer.  I am also available for private instruction.

Certifications: TWAW Certified Instructor NRA Basic Pistol NRA Personal Protection in the Home Refuse To Be A Victim

Pamela Gottlieb

TWAW Certified
Company: AZ Angel Wings, LLC
Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: 480-283-1101
Email: 4cnzryn(at)


AZ Angel Wings, LLC provides training for women in the safe and effective use of firearms for personal protection. My goal is to give women the tools they need to defend and protect themselves and to gain the confidence in their ability to do so. Let's face it, women and men are different. I'm a woman teaching women. The only exception is wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend relationships solely at the woman's request.  

Certifications: TWAW, Pistol, PPITH

Stef Maslen

TWAW Certified
Company: Stef Maslen
Yuma, Arizona
Phone: 9284468979
Email: fgrsxraal(at)

Women's Firearms Training

Certifications: Stef Maslen

Suzanne Freehauf

TWAW Certified
Company: LadyFire, LLC
Scottsdale, Arizona
Phone: 970-218-0689
Email: ynqlsveryyp(at)


My love of shooting has led me to share that passion with others. I formed LadyFire, LLC in 2013 to give adults and children the training they need in a non-threatening environment. People who are comfortable with firearms are empowered to defend themselves and their loved ones - and they enjoy the sport of shooting!

Private lessons available.

Student Testimonies

Thank you for the links Suzanne. I look forward to continuing developing my skills & comfort in shooting. You have a such a delightful personality & were very thorough in your instruction, which made the concealed carry class so enjoyable. Thank you!

THANK YOU SUZANNE for a very informative & fun class last Sunday. We both learned a lot & feel so much more comfortable with our firearms. Need to get out & practice more for sure... but the anxiety of using them is no longer an issue. Recommended you (your classes) & Great Guns to several people already!!!

Hats off to Suzanne and Felice for a great RSO training on Saturday! Thank you for your time and knowledge. This is a course with valuable information.
Thank you, Tami



Certifications: NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home, NRA Chief Safety Officer, The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructor NRA Certified Basic Shotgun Instructor Distinguished expert in Pistol Marksmanship and Defensive Pistol I a