Slip between the mattress or couch cushions to keep your handgun close! You can even sit on it in your car! The holster is detachable too! You can adjust the cant of the firearm to the perfect angle. Get one for your bedroom and one for your couch.

  • Fits Revolvers & Autos
  • Nonstick Holster Holster Backing Keeps Weapon Secure
  • Holster Holder Includes Middle Pocket
  • Heavy-Duty Velcro┬« Holster Backing adds Security
  • Flat Holder Size: 15.25 inches x 5 inches

AUTOS: Medium & Large Frame Autos (ie. 380s, 9mm, 40 cal, 45 cal, Judge)

REVOLVERS: From J Frame Revolvers to .357 & 44 mag

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