What People Are Saying

What women think, their opinions and what they share with others is what makes things happen! What women think of the Well Armed Woman is critical to accomplishing my goal of expanding the world of firearms to women and work to Educate, Equip and Empower women shooters.

So, here is what women (and some men too) are saying. If you have a comment or opinion, please feel free to share with me. Email your comments

Ce'cile: I just received my holster and boy do I Love it !!!!!! It is so, soooooo very comfortable and I hardly know I have it on. I Feel like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears Fairy Tale, "saying this one is just right for me" !!!!!!!!!! (smile) Also thank you for such fast service with the exchange and all. I plan to order the Magnet holster too and other things. The Well Armed Women is the best site I have ever seen or or to do business with. Where would us ladies be with out you???? Not only in products be great information as well......... I highly recommend your site to everybody.

Elizabeth: Thank you SO much for all that you do - you have made such a huge impact in my life! I honestly don't think I would have made the decision to conceal carry if it hadn't been for your site and information, because I just didn't think it was possible for concealed carry to work well and be practical for women. Now, I have researched and purchased my own weapon for concealed carry, have my license, have been practicing, and will soon be buying my first concealed carry holster... and I'm excited about it! Your resources for women, from the articles to the gun gear to the education, are truly a treasure. I tell everyone about your site and your mission to educate, equip, and empower woman gun owners! I've never felt more encouraged in my journey as a well armed woman. Thank you thank you thank you!

Jackie: This site, the blog and Facebook page are the BEST!!!! I read every single word and share with as many women and men as I can. Thank you...thank you...thank you.

Kim: I work for a large "Outfitter" in the firearms department and I tell lots of female customers to check out your site for holsters and other carry options all the time! This is the best website I have seen on the internet for women gun enthusiasts. Thank you for leading the way for this exciting new trend in the shooting world.

Greg: Stumbled across your youtube channel which led me to your website. My wife just completed a ccw class and is very excited about shooting. I have been struggling to find info on ccw products for her. You have taken that stress away and I just wanted to say thanks. You have exactly what I have been looking for. Keep up the great work and encouraging more women to carry.

Laura: I have shared this site with tons of women I know, ones that are just starting to get into shooting, one's that are considering conceal carry, and ones that are just "lost" when it comes to gun terminology ect.... this site is awesome!!! Thank you for having it!

Mimi: I just wanted you to know how helpful and how much I appreciate all of the info on your site. It is really helping me to narrow down my choices for weapon and holstering. I feel like I can go into the store with confidence now and actually make a good choice on my own without pressure from a sales person. LOVE your site and this page!

Dusty, NRA Instructor: Believe me, all my students, not just ladies are pointed to your site for information for themselves or their spouses. I sincerely appreciate your support - AND your website! Thank you for you hard work!

Kathi: Love it and love this site! Thanks for all your work!

Lynne: By the way thank you so much for your quick response. We've been running into so much poor customer service lately in the gun industry it's been maddening! What a breath of fresh air!

Bridgette: What a great way to connect with powerful women

Paul: I love this page awesome just awesome

Dusty: Believe me, all my students, not just ladies are pointed to your site for information for themselves or their spouses. Thank you for you hard work!

Bonnie: Your web site is awesome and I'll be passing out a link to your site for my Women on Target Clinic

Steve: The Well Armed Woman is a great website! I'm glad I found it. I'll definitely be checking back.

Julianna: Love your website, thank you for putting it together as a resource. Will be sending my clients to it!

Denise: It's so good to know that there are others out there just like me who love shooting and enjoy hearing about other women who do, too!

Kristy: Thank you for putting this out there. I am a first timer & want to learn all there is to owning a gun & CCW, along with keeping myself & kids safe. Thank you very much.

Patricia: I want this for all my female friends and loved ones!

Beth: Great page! My husband, a former Marine, has taught me so much about our firearms. I am excited to hear tips and stories from all the ladies on here. Great website as well and I have forwarded the link to some female family members and friends.

Helen: Hi - I love your site - going to share it with my ladies.

Colleen: YES, I like being a well armed woman!

Angela: I love this page so much!!! I get so many ideas from it. Awesome to see the informative posts and makes me want to get more educated about my gun so I can eventually carry it with me!! Thank you!!

Paul: Love your website. The information is great, good to have a site like this geared towards women. Thanks.

Tena: I love this site and posts, I have found a lot of helpful tips and some very interesting reading. Thank you, much obliged.

Pam: cool page

Jim: Nice website. I will past it on to my female customers.

Jeff: The web site is great! Very informative. First time I have seen all the info in the same place! Great job!

Janet: Glad to see that this site is gaining momentum. It's very positive and educational!! Kudos!!

Marian: Thanks Well Armed Women; love your posts.

Cinzia: This is something i need!

Gem: Finally, a place for women, to come to "learn & educate themselves!! Thank You!!

Michelle: Have I mentioned I love your web site. Thanks for what you do!

Debora: I've been searching for a long time as well for a holster that works with my curves! I'm very appreciative of all the suggestions here!

Dennis: Great Page!

Mairi: Loved the site and will be coming back!

Linda: They didn't teach you any of this in school. Really informative and interesting in my opinion.

Jane: How did I miss this page for so long...where have you been my whole life...yeah!!! ♥ ♥ Let's do this!!

Annette: Just ran across your site...think it is great

Mary: I love your page! Every woman should know how to protect themselves properly with a firearm!

Stacey: Hi, I found page and I like what I see! :)

Nancy: The Well-Armed Woman; I love that phrase! I'm armed, and working towards WELL-armed.

Amy: Armed and Ready!! Great web site, by the way!

Jeffry: Very cool page .Keep up the good work.

David: I am a man. I am also a huge fan of well-armed women. I think it's very healthy for the republic. Rock on, girls.

Joanne: AWESOME!!!! Love this page! I've been looking at these since they came out, and your review gives me the push I need to buy one! :)

Angie: Thanks again for the service and information you are providing to women. It's been a long time coming!

Linda: I sure am glad to have found your page! I'm totally behind your message - you got my admiration and support.

Angie: I have been keeping up to date with the website and blog and have to say you are doing a great job! Thanks again for the service and information you are providing to women. It's been a long time coming!

Mandy: I like your website, it is nicely done.

Jim: Your program should be VERY useful and is VERY necessary in opening up training resources for women.

Angie: I think that "carrying the message" is important, especially in today's society. Thanks for your effort and for encouraging women!

Bret: I really like your website! I am a ccw instructor and we are starting to have more women taking our classes. You have a lot of good information

Steve: Love it - keep up the good work!

David: Thanks for your GREAT WEBSITE!!!We will recommend it to everyone...

Chuck: I love your site. I sent it to every woman that I know!!!

Linda: Thanks for what you do with your site and it is a needed service for women. I hear so many ladies tell me they are afraid of guns, and yet they are afraid of being a victim too?


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