The Phenomenon of Women Purchasing Firearms is Much More...

Recently the news has been flooded with stories of the recent rise in women purchasing handguns. The catchy headlines of "Chicks with Guns" and the undertones hidden in "Babes and Bullet's" is totally missing the mark and minimizing this ever growing group of intelligent and empowered women.

Photos of pink guns flash across the screen as if it is some grand shopping spree, when what is really happening is that smart and strong women are simply taking responsibility for their own self protection. This is a very serious issue, just ask any women that has been assaulted, raped or had their home invaded. If violence has not touched them personally, it has to women they know.

Women are eager to learn how to handle a gun safely and with confidence. This is evidenced by the fact that gun safety classes across the nation are filled to capacity with women. The male driven gun industry needs now to be eager to learn how to meet the needs of these women. Yes, pink is a very nice color and makes for a very attractive gun or holster, but the needs of women go much deeper than pink. What women want is a gun they can be comfortable with, shoot proficiently, carry comfortably and one that will do what it is meant to do, stop an attacker.

An educated, equipped and empowered woman is a fierce force - when attacked AND at the cash register.

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