Liberty Lincoln 25 Safe Raffle - To Benefit TWAW Shooting Chapters

What an awesome raffle and what an awesome safe. Includes delivery and the winner can pick the color of their choice! 

Enter by Midnight on Sun. Oct. 15th. Winner will be drawn and notified on Oct. 16th. ENTER HERE

All proceeds from ticket sales benefit The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters Non-Profit. Thank you for your support.

When it comes to class, the Lincoln's got! The upgraded ball-bearing hardplate snaps drill bits. Auto on/off Interior lighting is added to all models for convenience in viewing valuables. Organize valuables with Liberty's Premium Door Panel, plus new Jewelry Drawer included FREE. The Lincoln protects valuables from fire damage with four over three layers of fireboard for an industry leading 90 MINUTE FIRE rating. 

Oh my!! Is this gorgeous or what? Buy your tickets NOW for a chance to win! Learn more about this safe here

1 ticket for $10

5 tickets for $40

10 tickets for for $85

20 tickets for $175

50 tickets for $450

100 tickets for $750

Note: Base price for one ticket is $10, select the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase from the drop down menu and the difference in cost from this $10 will be automatically added


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